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L U R E 


Ashley Wright


15 Minutes

Performed by

Alexandre Nadra, Louise Gourvellec, 

Ashley Wright


Joris Gielen

Costume Design 

Alexandre Nadra, Louise Gourvellec, 

Ashley Wright

Film and Photography

Ashley Wright

Xenophobia is the general fear of anything strange, unusual or rare, the fear of difference and mistrust of that which is foreign.

In a constantly changing society, shaped by perceptions built by  media and false interactions, there is too often an assumption that xenophobia is ‘natural’, a default state of mind that needs to be mitigated rather than countered directly. 


LURE attempts to tap into our human potential for xenophilia; the love of the ‘other’, the foreign or the unfamiliar. Being xenophilic requires us to see the stranger as having as much in common with us as being different. 


To learn well we need to be attracted to the unknown, to be curious, to ask questions and to be confronted. We need to be prepared to bring it close and find out what we can about both how it resembles and differs from what we already know. While the familiar is comforting in its security, it is in the encounter with the unfamiliar that we will learn most.


LURE is an  spontaneously constructed performance presented by four dancers, originating from four different countries, living in four different cities, connected through a love of music, dance and an innate curiosity in all that is not alike. 


In all, LURE seeks to extinguish our prejudices, inviting us to don kaleidoscope glasses and celebrate exoticism, extravagance and an urge to run wild. 


Few of us can escape the walled homeland of our personal identity.

But we do control who gets in. 


Let us LURE you……

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