CIVIC GRACE  is an Australian producer based in Berlin. Her work is mix of oneiric sounds, an experimentation of ambient, techno, dub techno elements, acoustic sounds and field recordings as the material for audio processing. She evokes an uncompromising vision that doesn't seek for a connection with any particular music styles but encapsulates a blissfulness highlighted with  shades of darkness. 

With her musical background stemming from her career as a professional dancer, she has built herself a sentimental approach as a producer, creating grooves that evidently balance between dancing and crying, raving and sleeping. CIVIC GRACE produces for many her own works, commissioned dance pieces, sound installations, events and musical collaborations alike.



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released October 21, 2020

Produced by C I V I C G R A C E.
Mix & Mastering Ulysse Zangs
Cover artwork Massimiliano Rossetto


Released date October 21, 2020 with Reset Records.

all rights reserved

Everything is moving away from everything else.
We move among realties. We enter the weave of the world.
Intention swallowed up by sound, appears distinct,
floating in suspense. Away from our need to make connections,
the essence of things escapes us.
This is tender pilgrimage through an ever shifting universe,
emissaries of time, searching for the simple sublimity
of the here and now.
As our ears gaze into the distance, they are not looking
for anything in particular. On the contrary,
they are longing for everything, everywhere that may be felt.
Still being something other.
Precisely being, still.


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as it happens


released March 23, 2020

Produced by C I V I C  G R A C E

Mix & Mastering Steph Lefrancois
Cover artwork Ashley Alexandra Wright


all rights reserved

The album title of as it happens sets the tone for the auditory ephemeron that is this stream-of-consciousness, gentle purge of ambient grooves, minimal beats, spoken word samples and poetic piano lines.

This debut is defined by the momentum of impermanence, and the collage of life as observed by a thinking, living and breathing artist: moments of introspective inhales oscillate with cathartic exhalation; the ruminations of Maya Angelou and Patti Smith punctuated by the channeled abandon of deep driving beats. Distilled piano reminiscent of the new classical masters are the quietly guiding force in tracks like a splendour only partially imagined, tinged with a haunting ethereality, then, as though we are soundtracking a day teeming with thoughts, encounters and the new, we instinctively transit into rolling broken beats in mya, with the album culminating in the bare intimacy of where you are now (in the artist’s words: ‘me playing the piano and humming along on one lonely winter night in Berlin’).

The artist  CIVIC GRACE is in a transient and meditative state of mind, and just as Smith declares in the most absolute disappearance - ‘I’m definitely into the future’ - so are we, drawn into Grace’s beautiful stream and flowing into what is now, and yet to be.

- Juliet Burnett, April 2020

"Thank you CIVIC GRACE for this great soundtrack. Uplifting and calming at the same time — like coffee and cigarettes … somewhere between Clint Mansell and Andy Stott. I just want to listen to it again and again."  ★★★★★

                Harald Geistler

"A sedulous and arresting meditation." 

                  Ran Barnea, Resident Advisor. 

A Blush Of Romance.jpg

A Blush Of Romance.

Two ambient affairs with my piano.


- A Blush Of Romance.
- Porn Music on Tuesday

"What you have told me is quite a romance, a romance of art one might call it, and the worst of having a romance of any kind is that it leaves one so unromantic."


- The picture of Dorian Grey - Oscar Wild.

Available in Bandcamp for FREE digital download

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