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Don't Even Bother

Glitter Socks. Chicken Skin.

Sunshine that scratches the sky

Break yourself and swallow your words, electrified. 

Believe not what is unthinkably high

But that which is admirably tied to the floor.

With an unconvincing sigh, 

Sorry, I'm too lazy too call.

Above, one illuminated door bursts

leaking all the white noise

one could handle.

She met his eyes without flinching, a mutinous sparkle 

enlivening the depths of her own grey gaze.

Her stare could shear the fender off a car

His gaze lingered the length of her arm

Without a subject, just text in the body

Protruding magnificently

Don't even bother.

Concept & Choreography : Ashley Wright 

Performers  : Alexandre Nadra and Louise Gourvellec

Music  : Ashley Wright

Text and Voice : Ashley Wright, Nitsan Margaliot.

Light Design : Ashley Wright

Costumes : Alexandre Nadra and Louise Gourvellec

Film and Photography : Ashley Wright

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