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“[…] This Australian-born, Berlin-based [choreographer] has dedicated her work […] to exploring the phenomenon of suspending disbelief in literature and film. Audiences accept fiction with illogical or impossible-seeming plots because they want to be entertained. Wright’s approach to playing with illusion uses plenty of comedy and slapstick. It is amusing and unpredictable, full of original ideas and fast-paced. […]”

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 8 September 2016

Choreography, costume & Lights : Ashley Wright 

Performed by : Mark Christophe Klee, Martijn Joli, Kalin Morrow,  Andrea Vallescar , kiyan khoshoie,  Tingan Ying, kirill berezovski, Guilia Piana.

Duration : 25 Minutes

Music : Joris Gielen 

Dramaturgic assistant : Tilman Richter​

Light Design assistant : Wilfried Heitmüller

Costume assistant : Sabine Mech

​Technical Direction : Frank Hamann

Press and Publicity : Angela Bošnjak

Photography : Wenn & Aber

Training and choreographic assistance : Karine Seneca

Thanks to 

Christiane Winter & Tanz Theater

International Schauspielhaus Hannover.

Creation for the TANZ Festival INTERNATIONAL Hannover.

The „Think Big“ residencies 2016 in Hanover are funded

by the Stiftung Niedersachsen, Stiftung Kulturregion

Hannover, Landeshauptstadt Hannover /

Kulturbüro and Region Hannover.

Telling it this way. And once again but differently.

In the meantime the question is: What should be told? Is it possible at all to tell one thing in different ways? Or have I spoken too soon? Already written two different stories? Whoever tells something, tries to gain control. Control over something that is not because it was or because it could be or only - perhaps - will be. In film theory the term 'suspension of disbelief’ describes the loss of our distrust, the moment in which the doubts about a narrative can be overlooked.


To what end?  To see where it all ends.​​​


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