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I realise late at night

 in the moment before I fall asleep

 “In and of itself” nothing really matters. 

What matters is that nothing is ever 

“in and of itself.”  

It's just changing right now. 

And you can accept it or not

but I am a sign

of that whole change.


along the way I realised

that if something is gonna change its gonna be within myself. 

Me inside of me. 

Im sure someone

in the past once shouted at you;

‘No you can’t do that!  You just can’t do that. Go back. You’re wrong. Go change.’

What they’re actually doing is shouting at themselves. 

Them, inside of me. 

My God is not a don't don't don't  God my God is a do do do God.

It's not about what you can’t do, it's about doing what you can do. 

If you don't do things it's like slapping God  in the face.

Its like saying ‘who cares’ 


The thrill is in unknown.

Ultimate representation. Fabrication made Real. 

Convincing the ever.

Preceding your own discipline. 

A personal odessy of a double life.


Everything is abstract structures that’s supposed to hold you together. I’ve given them up. I don’t need to be held together. 

I’m fine floating through space, flying 6,000 miles an hour around the sun, balancing on tectonic plates that are floating on lava.

We’re all gonna end up in the same place anyway. 

If there is such a thing. 

And maybe there isn’t. 

It's just us and thats it. You and me. Me and the teacup. 

You know?

and that’s all great. 

I’m great. 

We are the universe man. 

I like that. That’s just fine. 


In the depth of unison,

It puts itself in motion. 

I am an other. 

A solo piece for Ashley Wright by Ashley Wright 

Music : Ashley Wright and Ulysse Zangs

Video art and light design  : Darcey Bennett

Costume : Diamond Freddie

Supported by Gallus Theater Frankfurt am main


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